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AI-driven product photography platform for E-commerce

Deck: Here

Fundraise: £1.5m on an £8m Post-Money SAFE (£250k committed).

Founder: Omar

My Notes


  • Omar founded his first social media agency at 17 years old, which he ran for 4 years.

  • Following this he founded a more design-focused creative media agency, producing content for clients such as Hilton, Dell and Deliveroo as part of a marketing package.

  • Hustler with a desire to build stuff.


  • The current method of creating content for large brands is time-consuming and expensive.


  • AI-augmented shots in minutes. Speed up workflow by 10x industry standard.


  1. Generate scene

    Brands input samples of their ‘visual DNA’ which are input into an AI to create similar style themes and layouts for their product.

  2. Ship Products

    Brands physically send products to be photographed and digitally input into their themes of choice. Scalability questions here.

    “Live chat to content” experience – brands suggest changes that are quickly implemented via the AI system.

  3. Download photos. Pay per photo right now but moving towards traditional SaaS business model.


  • Become the category-defining platform in product photography.

  • Eventually want to expand into B2C and creator brands using platforms like Shopify.


  • AI model trained using 4+ years of proprietary data.

  • Leveraging open-source models such as Stable Diffusion etc.

  • Requires further automation on the photography side to become scalable.


  • £100k legacy revenue this year.

  • Onboarding and in talks with large enterprise customers such as Uber Eats, Pepsi and Kylie Cosmetics.

  • AOV is £500 per shoot (live chat experience) + £50 per asset produced in the shoot

  • 27 Brands on the waiting list 72 hours since the AI platform launched; Onboarded 8 brands so far.


  • £1.5m on an £8m Post-Money SAFE; £250k committed from angels

  • Milestones

    • Team: hire an AI researcher and account manager for enterprise accounts.

    • Further automate the photography side to open up to the SaaS market.

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