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GDevelop is a no-code game engine that lets you create, publish and monetise a video game without any development experience. Their mission is to democratise game creation.

Deck: Here

Fundraise: £500k

Founder: Florian Rival

My Notes


  • Florian is GDevelop’s founder. Former Meta & Google engineer (Android Games devX team).

  • 6 FTEs: 3x engineers, 1x product designer, 1x content creator (and Florian).


  • Florian built the GDevelop prototype ten years ago as a passion project.

  • He’s always been naturally curious about how he could make fun games

  • Drive → insanely motivated to build something that lets people create amazing games and apps.


  • Gaming is huge but very few people can create a video game like they can a book, video, song etc.

  • Why? Fundamentally you need imagination but it’s also super complex and requires a lot of technical knowledge. Even for companies, games are inaccessible unless you're a game studio.


  • Easily understandable no-code creation and publishing tool for games. Available on browser and mobile (iOS & Android).

  • Super intuitive and easy. Create a game in 5 minutes here. 

  • → publishing platform where creators are building hit games (high-quality games are being created. See here).

  • Tech is open-source which allows GDevelop’s community to improve the product continuously. 167 extensions built by the community; 4.8k stars on GitHub

  • Roadmap

    • Leverage GenAI so creators can generate assets and the logic for games from prompts.

    • Go Multiplayer → Increased social features to unlock network effects between games.


  • Moonshot → “The platform where all interactive and gamified media can be created.”

  • An end-to-end platform for gaming creation, publishing and monetisation.


  • 200k monthly creators (people building games).

  • 21k monthly active games (games users are playing).

  • All organic.


  • B2C: 3bn gamers worldwide; $200bn annual revenue. 1% of gamers on Roblox and Minecraft are also creators on these platforms.

  • B2B: technology has applications beyond the gaming consumer market (promotional games for brands, workshops, presentations, pitch decks etc).


  • People discover GDevelop because they want to create games without knowing how to code.

  • Strong SEO —> #1 for “create a game” on Google.

  • Active communities on socials (especially Discord & Reddit). Strong WOM acquisition.


  • Freemium approach for creators. Create games for free but get more for paid tiers (i.e., levels, multiplayer etc).

  • Recently introduced enterprise subscriptions for startups and larger businesses - multiple seats, removing GDevelop branding etc. Currently have 2x clients who want to white-label the platform.


  • Raised £1m in May-21 led by Seedcamp with Ascension also participating.

  • Raising a £500k bridge to accelerate growth ahead of raising a larger round

    • Accelerate game creation with generative AI.

    • Social features (multiplayer → unlocks network effects between games).

    • Validate monetisation (marketplace + subscriptions + game monetisation).

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