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Neon Wild

Neon Wild

The Next Evolution in Family Entertainment

Neon Wild is a personalised family entertainment platform that has re-invented how stories are told, all powered by patent-pending generative AI avatar technology.

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Fundraise: $1.5m on a $7.5m Post-Money SAFE ($1m committed).

Co-founders: Matt, Stephanie, Matt K & Carlos


Providing a platform where any child anywhere can become a hero. We’re building a safe, secure and fun virtual world for the next generation.


The Roblox for reading; we want to become the go-to family entertainment platform within the growing virtual world ecosystem.


Phase 1: Highly cinematic, engaging and personalised stories.

Phase 2: Playground experiences and worlds built on top of the stories.

Phase 3: Neon Wild Studio; UGC pipeline for creators to build their own personalised stories and playgrounds.

Traction & Feedback

We have a live alpha with 100 families testing the product and 2000+ families on our waitlist. We’ve found that kids love to spend time creating their avatars and parents want to lean into safe virtual world experiences that their kids crave


The no.1 thing kids spend money on is virtual goods and they are spending 6+ hours a day on a screen. What can we learn from the last 20+ years to make these spaces socially and emotionally safe?

We see an opportunity to co-create UGC with parents and their children. I’m excited about this as a parent for my children.

On the tech side, breakthroughs in GenAI have allowed us to turn anyone into a fully animated 3D character, however, foundational 3D models are not something you can get off the shelf right now.


We’re focused on building trust with parents. We get our message out to parents through both paid and organic channels, whilst also receiving a lot of inbound from parents looking for a safe space for their kids. Longer term, we’re building a community of parents and content creators.


We’re a battle-tested team. I worked with Carlos and Matt at Magic Leap and I met Stephanie at coding school, we go way back! I feel very lucky to have such a strong co-founding team.

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